Monday, 22 July 2013

 Afternoon! Apologies for the lack of posts, I'm still sort of getting the hang of this!

I just got these lovelies through the post today, a set of sock garters with moon and stars attachments with double clips. These ones are custom made for me as I wanted double clippings, she has a lovely variety of not only garters but chokers and body harnesses 

I paid £18.50 for the both of them inc. postage.

Overall, I love these as they're sexy and something new to me; but the only issue I'm having; is that the stars are studs and the pointy flat backs on the other side of the garter can scratch and cause discomfort so make sure they're pinned flat down before use!

I got these from an online store called Etsy and the girl I bought them off was just lovely 

It's super easy to buy, you just pop them in your basket, send her your measurements and she makes them and sends them to you within a week

Defiantly worth a look and a purchase is worth it!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tattoo time!

Black and grey butterfly with a self harm awareness ribbon!
My butterfly thigh tattoo is nearly healed! After just over 2 weeks, the scabs are coming off revealing some nice fresh ink! 

It set me back £160 and was done by Lee Knight in Cult Classic Tattoo in Romford, Essex! 

I defiantly recommend him and this shop as he was lovely and his work is amazing! He drew my tattoo up with me and listened to my views and what I wanted to achieve. The shop has such a relaxed environment and it was brilliantly decorated and had some awesome music playing!  

It did hurt a lot especially in the inner thigh area because it was super sensitive! 
This is my 12th tattoo and it means a lot to me! As you can see at the top I got this tattooed over my self harm scars, I went through a lot but I've finally recovered and this symbolizes this for me!
The yellow ribbon in the middle represents self harm awareness! So many people are clueless to the fact this particular ribbon can come in different colors and patterns to mean different things (other than breast cancer awareness!)